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Legal Updates
EU Sanction on Russia
Since 2014, European Union has progressively imposed sanctions against Russia in response to deliberate destabilization of Ukraine. After February 2022, EU massively expanded the sanctions, which consists of a wide range of financial, economic and trade measures. The below represent an effort to provide a brief overview of key sanctions which are currently active: Economic...
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The Council of Ministers reached a decision regarding the decree setting the national minimum wage, which is now set at the amount of €940 and will take effect as from the 01/01/2023. The decree specifies that in the first six months of the employment, the amount of the salary is fixed at €885 and subsequently...
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Cyprus Parliament has recently passed amendments of the legislation regulating the traffic of bicycles and other Personal Mobility Devices (see Laws 135 (I)/2022 & 136 (I)/2022) by which new traffic offenses have been established in Cyprus (by way of example, for the use of a bicycle without a protective helmet), in addition to the legislation...
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