Administrative Law

Administrative Law in Cyprus is mainly centered around the field of law that governs the structure and functioning of the public service, the government and governmental bodies and semi-governmental bodies in general and examines the decisions and effect that such decisions have on the people who are being administered and affected by the various branches of the governments.

Administrative Law is considered to be a part of the more general field of public law and is broken into several interrelated sections such as: Constitutional law, Human Rights, Administrative Rules and Regulations and so forth.

Our lawyers are highly experienced on adjudicating before the Tenders Review Authority and the Supreme Court of Cyprus, both on behalf of private individuals and corporate entities, as well as on behalf of public and governmental bodies. Such actions are invariably centered around the constitutionality of laws (including the review under EU Law) and on administrative actions and/or omissions.

Members of the firm have been also actively involved in assistance with preparation of applications by private individuals and corporate entities with regard to public tenders and the review of such applications and supporting documents from an administrative law aspect.

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