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Criminal Law – Sexual Abuse of a Minor
On the 03rd of August 2022, the Criminal Court of Nicosia imposed concurrent prison sentences, with a maximum of 9 years, in an accused, who, following a hearing, was found guilty of all 7 charges faced relating to crimes for sexual abuse of a minor occurred between September 2019 and March 2020. The Criminal Court...
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Cyprus Parliament has recently passed amendments of the legislation regulating the traffic of bicycles and other Personal Mobility Devices (see Laws 135 (I)/2022 & 136 (I)/2022) by which new traffic offenses have been established in Cyprus (by way of example, for the use of a bicycle without a protective helmet), in addition to the legislation...
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In accordance with Article 140 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, prior to the publishing of an indented legislation voted by the Parliament, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, is entitled to refer said legislation to the Supreme Court of the Republic, in order for the Court to opine as to whether...
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The new law allowing for Restraining Orders before, during and after the Court procedure Since mid-2021 a new legislation was introduced in the Republic of Cyprus, aimed to reinforce and aid the protection from harassment and stalking (Law 114(I)/2021). Harassment can take many forms and in said legislation, it is broadly defined as the causing...
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Statutory Demand Letter
 A. What is a Statutory Demand Letter A Statutory Demand Letter, is a form of claim against a Company, that serves as a formal demand of the payment of amounts owed to any person by the Company. Such Letters of Demand, if drafted and served as per the provisions of applicable legislation, can have serious...
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