Banking & Finance

G. Vrikis & Associates LLC has represented lenders and facility agents on both simple and highly-complex international transactions (including syndicated loans, secured loans and unsecured loans), as well as borrowers and guarantors.

Our clients include some of the leading Cyprus banks and internationally renowned financial institutions.

Our work covers the sector from reviewing proposed agreements under Cyprus Law and assistance with negotiating such finance instruments, as well as the drafting and negotiating of security documents, such as guarantees and pledge agreements, as well as the enforcement of such agreements and security agreements.

Our team may assist you with:

  • Cyprus and international financing and security transactions;
  • Security documentation including charges over assets and undertakings of companies, debentures, pledges of share certificates, security assignments of rights and so forth;
  • Restructuring of existing loans and collateral;
  • Indemnities and guarantees;
  • Compliance with Cyprus securities law;
  • Compliance with perfection requirements and registrations of charges;
  • Enforcement of security documentation;
  • Issuance of legal opinions covering both corporate power authority and the legality, validity and enforceability of the Cyprus law governed documents;
  • Legal due diligence exercises.
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