Legal Update for Criminal Code, Cap. 154

Legal Update for Criminal Code, Cap. 154

Cyprus Parliament has proceeded with an amendment to the Criminal Code, Cap. 154 on the 31/05/2024, effectively expanding the criminal offence of “Public Mischief” and updating the applicable monetary penalty under this. As such, the new Section 115 of the Criminal Code now provides that:

  1. Any person who knowingly makes to any police officer or to a person who is authorized to undertake interrogations, in connection to the performance of a criminal office under the Criminal Code or any other law, a false statement concerning an imaginary offence, shall be guilty of the offence of effecting a public mischief and shall be liable to a fine not exceeding two thousand euros or imprisonment for up to one year.

(the underlined text being the additions/amendments to the Law).

The above is now more expansive the its application encompasses offences which are included in any other law of the Republic of Cyprus.

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