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Road Speed Limit police “allowance” amended

Road Speed Limit police “allowance” amended

The Cyprus Republic has issued new guidelines as of 24th September 2020 that the current “allowance” for exceeding the speed-limit within city limits, and more generally in residential areas, is permanently reduced by 10 percent (%).

This decision was deemed to be necessary, following the significant amount of fatal and serious road collisions in cities, and hence the Road Safety Council decided to adopt new speed limits, by reducing the current “allowance” limit from 20% to 10%, aiming for the elimination of collisions. For that reason, the Traffic Police determined to follow the English model, which provides for a tolerance of 10% plus two kilometers, and therefore as of the 1st October 2020, drivers will be reported and penalties will apply as follows:

Limit Allowance Law Infringement
30 km Up to 35km 36km and above
50km Up to 57km 58 and above
65km Up to 73,5km 74  and above

Despite these changes, it was also determined that there will be no modification to the allowance of the 20% limit on highways and interurban roads which are 100km and 80km respectively, and persists at 120km and 97km, respectively.

As a continuation of the above amendments, the Road Safety Council also addressed the issue of extending the powers of public traffic wardens, with Justice Minister Emily Giolitis, calling on municipalities to contact the Chief of Police for permission to give traffic police powers to report drivers for 53 new offences, in addition to those which are already entitled to report. At present, the Municipalities of Nicosia and Ayia Napa have proceeded to expand the powers of their traffic wardens and any municipalities that express interest, their members who will complain, will undergo training by the Police.

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